Industrial & Machenical Carbon Brushes manufacture

th (30)As a leading Carbon Brush Manufacturer our objective is to develop the best designs to maximize Brush life and performance for a given application. The possible variations of Brush configurations are enormous. Basic Carbon materials range from Copper or Electro-Graphite, to Resin Bonded and Silver Graphite’s or a special blend of these materials. We work with more than 100 different Grades of high quality material. Carbon Brushes are manufactured in all shapes and sizes, tolerance to suit the customer’s needs. Special shaping of the brush contact face may be included to accelerate seating of the Brush to the Commutator. Brushes are generally fitted with a Flexible Copper Shunt (Pigtail) adequately rated to handle the anticipated current loading but without limiting the free movement of the Brush.

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For over 20 years, Aptech Carbon Works (Formely known as A.K.M. Engineering) has been one of the industry leaders in the replacement brush market and a supplier to many major OEMs of DC equipment. Our Carbon brushes are used in many industries including steel processing, mining, power generation, railroad, and motor repair.

We manufacture carbon brushes as per your design and specs to meet the requirements of your particular motor or generator. A proper brush design and grade as per the operating conditions of your motor is the key to maximizing carbon brush and Commutator life. Aptech Carbon Works aims to assist wherever we can so if you have any such requirements whether they be carbon brushes for ‘dragline’ motor-generator sets, gearbox drives, hoists, exhauster fans, extrusion drives, paper mill drum drives and so on then please contact us.

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Grade Information

Supplying a grade that will maximize performance for the manner in which the motor or generator is operating is one of the greatest challenges in manufacturing carbon brushes. Thought must be given to the actual running loads, duty cycle, voltage, peripheral speeds and the environment.

Choosing the wrong material could cause considerable damage to your equipment. However, overall, grades have been held more accountable for brush performance than is warranted, but having the right grade is not the only factor for better performance, other factors often have a greater effect on brush performance.
Many of the grades used today are, molding pressure, temperature, duration of the baking process and after-treatments. All brush grades fall into five categories:

  • Carbon Graphite
  • Graphite
  • Electrographite
  • Copper Graphite
  • Silver Graphite

Each material is designed and developed to perform under certain operating conditions. A best grade for each application is offered, although, several grades with similar characteristics may offer satisfactory performance.


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